Winter Rains Lead to an Explosion of Color in California

Heading east out of Los Angeles on any of the main freeways, you will at some point cross the I-15 freeway. Heading north on the I-15, pretty quickly you will find yourself snaking through the Cajon Pass. The Pass was the scene of a horrific wild fire several months ago, everything burnt to a crisp including many cars and trucks that were trapped on the freeway. Now with all the rain we have been blessed with, parts of it look like an Irish meadow. All that is lacking is a grazing herd of Holstein cows. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. In California we are in the midst of a Super Bloom and it is incredible!A few days ago I hiked into one of the remote areas off the I-15, heading towards Lytle Creek. The flowers and vistas were breathtaking, you just had to stop and stare. The star of this natural show were the Ceanothus. Thousands of them covering the rocky hillsides with their soft blue cloak, the air heady with their sweet, seductive fragrance. It was not only the flowers but the butterflies and other pollinators that were too numerous to count. At one point I stood on a ridge top and was surrounded by several different species of butterflies. I sat down for several minutes among the plants and let these beautiful creatures just flutter past me, landing on all of the nearby plants. We all need a bit of nature every now and again to clear the head. Hope you have a spare day or two to head our way to see the Super Bloom for yourselves. 

 ~Nicholas Staddon



  Castilleja sp.  Indian paintbrush            


Ceanothus leucodermis -Chaparral White thorn